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Notice for using the archive lists and category lists

by Drew Shelley

Hi Everyone,

Please be aware that when you’re using either the Speakers lists or Archive lists on the right, you retrieve a collection of posts that match that criteria, such as all the posts entered on February 2011 (15). However, these collections are merely summaries. In order to access the links to MP3 files contained within the posts, you need to then click on the title of that individual post (the date in bold) in order to open the original post. There you will find the active links to the audio files.

Here’s an example:

1) Click on the Archive link for February 2011 (15).
2) In the page that opens, scroll down to see the entry for 
    Sunday, February 13, 2011. Note the MP3 links are inactive.
3) Click on the heading for that post "Sunday, February 13, 2011". 
4) The original post will open. There you'll find the active links.